KATIE CHATS  is an online entertainment network based out of Toronto, Canada. Since July 2012, the network has posted over 3,000 interviews with TV and film professionals who work in front of and behind the camera. Katie Uhlmann, the host of KATIE CHATS, is setting out to create the largest database of interviews with Canadian Talent in the world .


Film Festivals and Events that Katie has covered:

-The Telefilm Golden Box Office Awards, Toronto

-Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Toronto

-Mingle for a Mission Celebrity Fundraiser, Toronto

-Italian Contemporary Film Festival, Toronto

-Youth Shorts Film Festival, Toronto

-Afrofest, Toronto

-Scarborough Film Festival, Toronto

-The Oscars (2011 & 2012), Los Angeles

-San Diego Film Festival, San Diego

-Moving Image Film Festival, Toronto

-Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto

-Patch Town Movie on set, Toronto

-Lost Girl TV show on set, Toronto

-Hamilton Film Festival, Hamilton ON

-Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Toronto

-A Man is A Man is A Man on set, Toronto

-Reelworld Film Festival

-tiff.KIDS International Film Festival, Toronto

-tiff. Next Wave Film Festival, Toronto 

-tiff. Top Ten Festival, Toronto

-Sharpcuts Film Festival Guelph, ON

-Constellation Awards, Toronto

-Mississauga International Film Festival

-Aluciné Latin Film and Media Arts Festival, Toronto 

-European Union Film Festival, Toronto 

-Cinéfranco International Francophone Film Festival, Toronto 

-Blood in the Snow Film Festival, Toronto

-Planet in Focus Film Festival, Toronto

-The Toronto Irish Film Festival, Toronto

-Youth Shorts Film Festival, Toronto

-The Regent Park Film Festival, Toronto

-TIFVA- Women in Film, Toronto

-Human Rights Watch Film Festival, Toronto

-Inside Out LGBT Film Festival, Toronto

-1K Film Wave, Toronto

-New Filmmakers Film Festival, Los Angeles

Picture Slideshow with assorted Filmmakers:

IMG 3448IMG 3462IMG 3474IMG 3483IMG 3493IMG 3504IMG 3510IMG 3521IMG 3532IMG 3536IMG 3550IMG 3561IMG 3575IMG 3582IMG 3593IMG 3602IMG 3615IMG 3626IMG 3644IMG 3647IMG 3660IMG 3677IMG 3683IMG 3697IMG 3707IMG 3709IMG 3722IMG 3730IMG 3740IMG 3744IMG 3758IMG 3773IMG 3783IMG 3799IMG 3811IMG 3821IMG 3837IMG 3850IMG 3862IMG 3876IMG 3887IMG 3904IMG 3906IMG 3910IMG 3926IMG 3935IMG 3941IMG 3945IMG 3949IMG 3965IMG 3971IMG 3979IMG 3981IMG 4001IMG 4009IMG 4027IMG 4029IMG 4037IMG 4048IMG 4051IMG 4063IMG 4076IMG 4082IMG 4092IMG 4100IMG 4115IMG 4122IMG 4134IMG 4148IMG 4161IMG 4176IMG 4186IMG 4196IMG 4215IMG 4229IMG 4240IMG 4243IMG 4255IMG 4270IMG 4280IMG 4292IMG 4302IMG 4317IMG 4325IMG 4333IMG 4351IMG 4362IMG 4373IMG 4385IMG 4387IMG 4408IMG 4417IMG 4428IMG 4448IMG 4471IMG 4483IMG 4497IMG 4507IMG 4527IMG 4548IMG 4557IMG 4568IMG 4584IMG 4601IMG 4611IMG 4612IMG 4624IMG 4635IMG 4639IMG 4654IMG 4661IMG 4679IMG 4687IMG 4699IMG 4708IMG 4720IMG 4733IMG 4743IMG 4755IMG 4770IMG 4786IMG 4803IMG 4812PHOTOSSLIDE SHOW


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